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Eye care for the whole family

With us, you will be listened to carefully, expertly examined, given meaningful advice and we will work on your product with utmost care.

First of all, we are a practice for your eyes and next to that we have an optical shop for your visual solutions.

The Liebenberg concept:



* We can also fit new lenses into your own frame *


A: Eye care practice

  1. Clinical optometry and eye tests

    • Eye test

    • Contact lens fitting

    • Refractive anomalies (Strength, Script)

    • Progressive myopia (nearsightedness, retina)

    • Diabetes (diabetes, retina, blood vessels)

    • Glaucoma (Optic nerve, High eye pressure)

    • Macular degeneration (Retina)

    • Dry eyes (tears, mucous membrane, glands, eyelid)

    • Eye Wellness Scan (Pressure, Cataract, Retina, OCT)

    • OCT scan (Macula, Glaucoma, Retina)

  2. Functional optometry and visual therapy

    • Eye teaming

    • Reading problems

    • Visual discomfort

    • Visually impaired performance

    • The very latest in visual therapy

  3. Neuro optometry and rehabilitation

    • Non congenital brain injury

    • Concussion and/or whiplash

    • Disorders of binocular vision

    • The very latest in the field of visual rehabilitation

B: Optical store

  1. Optical store

    • High Quality glasses

    • High quality (branded) frames

    • The very latest in spectacle lenses

    • The very latest in contact lenses


* We can also fit new lenses into your own frame *


Your eyes demand customisation

Our practice is equipped with the most modern equipment, our investigations are extensive and are performed by experienced neuro- and functional optometrist, Niel Liebenberg.

Bloemendaalseweg 249 A

2051 GC Overveen

Owners Anja and Niel Liebenberg welcome you!




Bloemendaalseweg 249 A
2051 GC Overveen
Tel : 023 - 737 0831


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Bloemendaalseweg 249 A, 2051 GC Overveen

Tel: 023-737 0831